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AppStore URL Shortener

The App Store URL Shortener Designed for Developers

The big Bullet List of Advantages:

  • Make easy to remember shortcuts, not x3y1z9
  • Use your Linkshare affilate ID to get commissions (most of the time*)
  • Use different Linkshare u1 source tracking numbers without having to create a new shortcut
  • Use shortcuts for sending Promo codes, that use your Linkshare affiliate ID too
  • If Apple or Linkshare change something, we can fix them all, without every shortcut being broken

Yes, there are other URL shorteners out there. There are even other App Store URL shorteners. But other App Store shorteners usually offer their service by using their own affilate ID (via Linkshare) to receive the commission, or aren't setup so you can use or change the affilate tracking. is different and lets you use your own affiliate ID (most of the time*).


Simply fill in the form on the homepage to create your shortcuts, then use the address: to refer to your apps in the App Store. For example some of ours are: and

Custom U1 Tracking:
If you use an exclamation point ! in the shortcut URL, you can send a Linkshare u1 tracking value with the shortcut.!about That would redirect to the "ftp" app shortcut, and use "about" as the Linkshare u1 value, even if you'd set a default value when creating the shortcut. This lets you use one easy to remember shortcut, but track where it is used on different pages or websites--anything after the ! is used as the u1 value.

Using is a URL shortener for sending out Promo codes. It not only lets you send Promo codes for your apps far more simply than giving directions or a long address, it lets you use your affiliate code too!

For the easiest way (which doesn't do any affiliate ID) simply use the address and that's it.

To use your affiliate code, you must have setup your app with a shortcut on, then you can use the address and we'll do the rest. For example would send a promo code and use our "ftp" app shortcut (aka FTP On The Go) for the affiliate information.

More stuff

Our Affiliate ID Sometimes: and will use our affiliate ID 10% of the time, that's the only "fee" for using &! All the affiliate information is optional if you don't have a Linkshare affiliate account. But if you don't, you are throwing away a 5% bonus on all sales you drive from your own websites and links! Sign Up Here.

We are doing our 10% affiliate for and in a very verifiable way:
for the first 6 seconds of each minute we will use our affiliate ID, the rest of the time we will use yours. (Seconds are determined according to the server's clock.) You can use any way you want to verify that.

Details and Statistics:
If you use an at sign @ at the end of the shortcut URL, that will show the location the shortcut refers to without redirecting in your browser. The @ code also shows some statistics about how many times the shortcut has been used; I'll do some graphs for uses by day soon.

Lookup Button:
If your apps are in TopAppCharts, you only need to enter the Linkshare ID the first time, then you can use the Lookup button to find it for later apps.

Finding Your Linkshare ID:
You only have to enter any URL you've generated using Linkshare and will extract the ID; or you can find and enter the ID yourself. In a Linkshare URL:

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